Zoom-In & Get Things DONE.

Zoom-In Hour is an organized virtual accountability workspace with a highly-driven community that helps you to get things done, stay focused and move forward FAST!

Work smarter and faster every single day.

What Is "Accountability Workspace"?

It's A Guided Group Focus Session

You work in peace and quiet for 25 minutes (or 50 minutes),

and the whole goal is for you to GET THINGS DONE.

Multiple Daily Sessions

Pick and choose from a variety of daily sessions and join any or all!!

Ready, set, GO!

Implement techniques to help you prepare in the "flow state" so you get the most work done quickly.

Distraction-FREE Zone

In the world of distractions, the focus is the one thing you MUST develop to move forward consistently.

Develop "deep work" over time and "zone out" in your work.

100% Accountability

Start: state what you'll be working on

End: state what was done.

Proper accountability and a healthy dose of "putting yourself on the spot" does the trick!

How Does This Work?

Once you register for your free trial, you have a variety of sessions to choose from.

Mark your calendar and show up!

We'll get clear on what we'll be working on and go into the work / flow zone to get things done!

After 25 (or 50) minutes, we'll share what was completed.

This way you get things done fast and if you did manage to get distracted, you get back on track fast!

What Kind Of Work Can You Do?

This is perfect for anything you know you NEED to do but you're delaying. We've had people:

- Make client calls

- Cold call people

- DM prospects

- Workout

- Clean their house

- Sort their emails.... etc.

This time should be used to do the biggest things you know will move the needle forward in your business (and your life!). You get to pick what those things are.

How would you like to have a completed To-Do list EVERY DAY?

Where would you be if you were CONSISTENTLY finishing the critical few things you know you need to do daily?

Let's face it: you are what you do CONSISTENTLY. Everything you do on the daily, weekly, monthly basis creates your path TOWARD your dreams or AWAY from them.

Everything has a compound effect. If you get things done and if you don't get things done have two very different outcomes.

Here, we help you remove distractions, get focused, zone-in, and get the work done within a few hours rather than waste your whole day on trivial things that don't matter.

Hear what our customers have to say

I ended up working on my client work at warp speed!!!

It’s crazy how fast you can get your work done when you’re focused and there is someone on the other end of the zoom.

I’m almost done with my client work for the week and it's only Tuesday!

- Maria F.

Where has this been my whole life???

I used these sessions to contact prospects that I was always dreading of doing.

Well, during one day of zoom-in session, I managed to sign 3 new clients because I called prospects and made offers!"

- Lisa L.

There's a difference when you're under healthy pressure to get things done and when you're left to your own vices.

Sign up and you'll see. It's life changing.

I am so focused now, I get things done and I love the community brainstorming!

- Joseph D.

I knew distractions were slowly destroying my productivity, but I didn't seem to have the strength to move from them.

I get SO much done during just a 30 minute session and then I'm off to doing whatever I want!

- Donna G.

I cannot believe the speed at which I'm getting things done.

Workout? Done.

Calls? Done.

Content plan? Done.

All the things I was dreading doing, I get them done now during the coworking space!

- Nenie V.

I was planning to get an email done and I gave myself 4 days to do it. We got done in 15 minutes during a zoom session.

Take that, procrastination!

- London G.

This space can be used for anything you're dreading to do!

I've been wanting to start a newsletter for months now.

It's not only done, but sent and I wrote 4 more emails ahead!!!

- Lora K.

Wow. I can't even fathom how fast things are moving. I got done by Thursday and I had Friday off to treat myself for all the work done!

Yay me!

- Kara B.

What if you could get more done in 1 day than it took you in a whole week?

What if you could get done in 2 months what took you a whole year?

Where would your business be?

How much free time would you have?

What kind of a lifestyle would be possible for you?

It all starts with you GETTING THINGS DONE.

And we are here to help.

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